IBEW International Virtual Conservation Dinner

From International President Lonnie Stephenson and International Secretary-Treasurer Kenneth Cooper:

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

Once again in partnership with the Unions Sportmen's Alliance (USA), the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) will be hosting the IBEW International Virtual Convention Dinner which will be held on Saturday, December 11, 2021.

The USA is an organization that aims to engage and educate union members and other like-minded individuals who enjoy hunting, fishing, shooting, and the outdoors.  In addition, USA is focused on conserving and maintaining critical wildlife habitats, restoring the nation's parks, and preserving North America's outdoor heritage.  A few of the ways this community organizes to accomplish these goals is through volunteering, mentoring programs, and hosting various events throughout the year.

We are both members of USA, and we are reaching out to encourage you and your membership to look over the enclosed flyer and consider participating in the virtual dinner.

Through organizations like USA, we are able to band together and promote our common interests as sportsmen and conservationists.  Currently, over 50,000 IBEW members are active in USA, and we are looking for that number to grow.  If you would like to learn more about USA, please visit their website at http://unionsportsmen.org/.

With best wishes, we are

Fraternally yours,

Lonnie R. Stephenson, International President               Kenneth W. Cooper, International Secretary-Treasurer


Original Letter and Flyer are attached below: