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from the IBEW Affiliated Electricians of Western Connecticut
On behalf of the brothers and sisters of Local Union 488 IBEW, I would like to welcome you to our website.IBEW Local 488, Bridgeport, received its charter April 1, 1913, with eighteen original members. For over 100 years, Local 488 has provided the cities and towns of northwestern and southwestern Connecticut with a highly trained workforce. With a mission to create and ensure a workplace that provides safety, fairness and dignity for all our members, we stand for the ideals that have made America the great nation that it is today: democracy, equal opportunities and a chance to live the American dream. Please contact us with your questions! Peter F. Carroll, Business Manager

IBEW 488 : Our Mission

Welcome to our site! , received its charter April 1, 1913, with eighteen original members. With Sikorsky Aircraft, Remington Arms and Avco Lycoming in our jurisdiction we quickly grew to meet the defense needs of our nation.

In 1969 we merged with Danbury Local 525, in 1981 with Waterbury Local 660 and again in 2009 with Norwalk Local 208 to increase our jurisdictional area to include most of northwestern and southwestern Connecticut. Please visit our jurisdiction map to view the cities and town serviced by Local 488.

With the decline of the defense industry in Connecticut, Local 488 has been working with state and local officials to meet the needs of our communities with new schools and public service facilities equipped for the 21st Century.

Through our apprentice and continuing education programs we will be ready to meet the new technology needs and challenges that lie ahead with the best skilled craftsmen for the electrical industry. PLease contact us with your questions!

Peter Carroll, Business Manager on Behalf of IBEW Local 488

IBEW 488 News


    Regular apprentice classes will be in session this evening.  However, the tool showcase by Graybar Electric Supply has been canceled.




    Just a reminder, as of April 7th, there are only 5 more CEU classes scheduled for 2015.  If you have not already taken your required class, please see our Continuing Education tab to download a form, complete it and get it in to reserve your class as soon as possible!  Phone registrations will not be accepted.  For those who do not have computer access, forms will be available at the Hall and at Union Meetings.



  • Important Trade Promotion Authority Needs Our Attention

    Attention Brothers and Sisters

    International President Hill has asked for our help


    Trade Promotion Authority (TPA or Fast Track) gives the U.S. President authority to enter into trade agreements with limited congressional oversight. Trade Promotion Authority can only be granted by Congress. By giving TPA to the president, Congress relinquishes its constitutional authority to review and ammend Trade deals. Congress may only vote "yes" or "no" on the agreement and may not send the agreement back to the executive branch with suggestions for improvement.

    Why does this matter to us?

      The administration is conducting negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in secret. Therefore, the labor community and others representing workers' rights have not had a meaning ful seat at the negotiating table. The administration has not shared with the labor community the TPP text relating to worker health and safaty protections, bargaining power, or the outsourcing of jobs.

      The text that has been leakedpoints to the content of the TPP being similar to that of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which resulted in more than 750,000 lost jobs, and the United States - Korea FreeTrade Agreement (KORUS), which cost 60,000 U.S. jobs in the first 2 years after it was signed.

      What makes the TTP even more troubling than NAFTA or KORUS is that it is being drafted as a living agreement, giving new countries the ability to sign on at any point down the road. The TTP would be the largest trade agreement in history, covering 792 million people and 40% of the world economy. An agreement of this of this size be done right: Weak labor protections or incentives to outsource U.S. jobs must be prevented from the outset.

      The IBEW believes that it is essential that Congress remains active in setting U.S.Trade Policy. Therefore, we respectfully ask that you do not support efforts to give the president Trade Promotion Authority. We ask that you notify our Senators and your Congressman or Congresswoman and tell them not to support TPA.

    For your convenience, we have attached letters for both Senators and for all Connecticut House members, please click on the title of the story,  download, sign and complete address information for your representatives and forward to their offices. Thank you for your assistance.



  • Governor Malloy visits IBEW Local 488

    IBEW 488 Business Mgr Peter Carroll and CT Governor Dannel Malloy


    Govenor Dannel Malloy recently met with IBEW Local 488 Business Manager, Peter Carroll, to discuss the job situation in Fairfield County.  More photos under Members section.

  • Congratulations : Ann's Place Set to Honor Paul P. Dinto, Electrical Contractor

    Written by Lori Zezza , Ridgefield Hamlet Hub

    The Board of Directors of Ann's Place recently voted to name Paul P. Dinto Chairman Emeritus. Mr. Dinto, President & CEO of Paul Dinto Electrical Contractors Inc., retired from the Ann's Place Board in March after serving for twelve years, six of those years as its Chairman and seven years as its Building Chairman.

    The recognition, announced by Board Chairman David Nurnberger, acknowledges the pivotal role Mr. Dinto played in the success of the campaign to fund the construction of Ann's Place at 80 Saw Mill Road. According to Nurnberger, "The cancer community would not be able to access the expanded services of Ann's Place today in this comforting environment were it not for Paul's philanthropic and visionary leadership."

    Read the Entire Article Here!



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